This week Pastor Kevin starts our new series “Parables” with a teaching from Luke 18. Our first parable we are talking about is when Jesus told the story of how sometimes we as Christians think too highly of ourselves and how our pride can block us from God’s glory.

Today Pastor Kevin continues our series “Parables” reading from Matthew 13:1-14. In this passage, Jesus tells 4 parables about the kingdom of God. Pastor Kevin tells us how we need to make sure we are at a place in our faith where we are carefully listening to God and applying the correct lessons he teaches us in our lives.

Today Pastor Kevin continues our series “Parables” and teaches from Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43. As he discusses these passages, he reminds us of what the Bible describes our home to be like when we are home and in the presence of our Father.

Today Pastor Kevin continues in our series “Parables.” Jesus taught us that our greatest treasures are not jewels, money, or possessions. Instead, the greatest treasure available to us is the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God is priceless and the key to this treasure is Jesus.

Today Pastor Tim continues our series, “Parables” with a reading from Luke 14:7. Pastor Tim talks about how we as followers of Jesus need to have real assurance that we are His. When we have that confidence, we get to enjoy all the blessings Heaven has to offer.

Happy Mother’s Day! Today Pastor Kevin continues in our series “Parables.” We look at the parable of The Prodigal Son – which is really about two sons. Jesus redefined God as Father, redefined sin and redefined salvation as a celebration. Mother’s Day is a great time for a celebration!

This week Pastor Kevin continues in the series “Parables” and illustrates how we’re all invited to celebrate in the Kingdom, but how we must respond with humility and sincerity.