Today Pastor Kevin starts our new series “Fools Gold” with a teaching from Ecclesiastes Chapter 1. Pastor Kevin speaks about how it is not enough to believe in God, but that we must commit ourselves to him fully to see his glory.

This week Pastor Tim continues in the series “Fool’s Gold” while working through Ecclesiastes and discussing the empty pursuit of pleasure.

This week Pastor Kevin continues in the series “Fool’s Gold” while working through Ecclesiastes. He talks about how we cannot have meaning in life without God, because He has placed eternity in our hearts.

Today Pastor Tim continues our series, “Fool’s Gold,” speaking from the book of Ecclesiastes. We often search for things that we believe to be right, but if it doesn’t come from God, it is often not the right thing for us. If we seek out Jesus, what we pursue will always be pure gold.

This week Pastor Kevin wraps up the series “Fool’s Gold” by sharing passages from Ecclesiastes and describing what Solomon meant when he described how life without God makes no sense.