This week Pastor Kevin kicks off the new series “Epic” by talking about Noah. He covers Genesis 6-9 where we see that God begins to suffer for sin and how we can now live as if the judgment is over because of what God did for us.

Today Pastor Kevin continues in our series “Epic.”   The Bible is not a series of unrelated, random stories. It is God’s epic story through time. In Genesis 22, the story of Abraham and Isaac is part of God’s saga pointing to the coming of the perfect son and sacrifice Jesus.

Today Pastor Kevin continues our series “Epic; God’s Saga Through Time.” He starts his teaching from Genesis 37:4. Pastor Kevin shares the story of Joseph and shows us that even when we think God is invisible, he is still working in our lives.

Today Pastor Tim continues in our series “Epic” with a reading from Exodus 3:1. Pastor Tim tells us the story of Moses, and he challenges us to find the strength and peace in our lives, so we can give God the ultimate praise.

This week Pastor Kevin continues in our series “Epic” by describing how, when we look to Jesus we will see the Goodness, Grace and Love of God. If you’ve never looked to Jesus; put your faith in His ability to pay for your sins, forgive you, and reconcile you to your Heavenly Father.

Today Pastor Kevin continues in our series, “Epic” and discusses God’s saga through time. Starting with Adam & Eve, family lineage is studied through Joshua. The lineage continues to David and ultimately to our savior, Jesus. All of these seemingly unrelated family stories are actually the saga that God created for us.

Today Pastor Zach continues in our series “Epic” and discusses God’s saga through time. He is teaching us the story of David from 1 Samuel 17:26. He shows us that even though we sin, God can still use us to accomplish his great works. We are also celebrating Veterans Day and we thank all who have served.

This week pastor Kevin continues in the series “Epic” by discussing how God offers us wisdom and how best to ask for it. We must remember to respect God and humble ourselves before Him if we want to gain true wisdom.

Today Pastor Tim continues our series “Epic” with a teaching from Isaiah 55:1. Pastor Tim challenges us to get out of our comfort zone coming into this holiday season and not only invite someone to church but to tell them about the best gift they have ever received: a relationship with Jesus.

Today Pastor Kevin continues our series “Epic” with a teaching from Daniel 1:1. Pastor Kevin asks us how we think we are representing God in our lives. He tells us that if you live representing God with a strong lifestyle, you will leave a lasting legacy for Jesus.