This week Pastor Kevin kicks off the new series “Epic Christmas” by working through Matthew 2:1-23 and sharing the Christmas story.

Today Pastor Tim continues our series “Epic.” From the book of Luke, we read the account of when the shepherds heard of Jesus’ birth. They were the first to know of His birth and were obedient to seek Him. This time of the year is a good time to examine ourselves to see if we seek Him today.

It’s Christmas time at Grace! As we talk about how Jesus came to earth over 2000 years ago, what is your reaction to His birth? Do you respond with hostility, indifference, or joy and worship? Take a listen as Pastor Kevin gives a great challenge on our response to Jesus coming to earth.

Today Pastor Tim finishes our series “Epic Christmas.”  Now that the Christmas season is ending, and a new year is beginning, this is a great time to refocus on Jesus. Whether facing encouragement or discouragement in the new year, look to Jesus. He is all we need for 2019…and the rest of our lives.