This week Pastor Kevin kicks off the new series by discussing who Jesus is, and what that means to us today.

People try to dispute miracles Jesus performed while on earth, but are their claims true? Find out as Pastor Tim continues our series”Uncovering the Historical Jesus”.


This week Pastor Tim continues in the series by discussing how we are blown away at how God longs for a relationship with us.

We could all use some rest. Jesus promised it to us in the Bible… but how do we find it?

As this series gets close to its end, Pastor Kevin spends time today discussing how people often fill in the gaps of what they know of Jesus with details on what they wish for Him to be like.  Tune in to see what that means for our lives.

Easter Sunday at Grace was amazing! Pastor Kevin shares how there is so much evidence to consider when it comes to the life of Jesus. And, if Jesus is who He said He is, what does that mean for us.