Today, Pastor Kevin begins our new series, “Rite of Passage.” He speaks from the book of 1Kings where the Bible explains what is expected of men to be Christ-like examples for the world. If we fail, we can always turn to Jesus to give us the strength that we need to rise above our shortcomings.


Today Pastor Tim continues our series Rite of Passage. He is teaching from the book Song of Solomon. Pastor Tim talks about how men and women have different roles in a relationship. Men need to initiate 5 principles in their marriage / relationships in order for them to be successful and Women should ask themselves 1.) How can I help when he’s initiating? And 2.) How am I responding when he initiates?

When each person follows these truths, their relationship will be God honoring and successful.

This week Pastor Zach continues in our series Rite of Passage by discussing with the Bible says it means to be a man. Check out what the book of Ephesians has to say on the topic.

Today Pastor Kevin concludes our series Rite of Passage. He is teaching from Ephesians chapter 6. Pastor Kevin talks about how we live in a world where distinctions on gender are frowned upon but Men are called to act like men! He gives us 4 commands for us to follow so Men can not only be an example for their family but for every relationship they will have in their life.