Pastor Kevin previews our new series Philippians by teaching from Philippians 1. We will be going through a life of unshakeable joy. We hope you continue to join us at Grace for this series.

This week Pastor Kevin continues in the new series Philippians by recognizing that several people are in difficult circumstances.  If we’ve given in to fear, resentment or even started questioning God, it’s time for us to put Paul’s words in to action and rejoice in the gospel.

Pastor Kevin teaches from Philippians 2:1-13 on how we can have a Life of Unshakeable Joy.  Pastor Kevin shares that humility is the secret to unity.


This week Pastor Kevin continues in the series by covering Philippians 2:14-30, and describing how we as a family of believers can impact our community with the message of joy through knowing Jesus.

Pastor Forrest continues our series in Phillipians. He teaches us about how we can’t change our past, we can’t count on our past and we can’t compare our past to what God has for us in the future.

Pastor Kevin continues teaching through Philippians by finishing up chapter 3. We are reminded to keep pursuing knowing Jesus, and to keep pursuing growth in our relationship with Him. We need to make our lives be about pressing on towards Jesus.

Today Pastor Kevin continues our series in Philipians. Some of the questions he asks us today is Have you truly responded to the gospel and are you living out what you believe? He also talks about us as Christians coming together and forming a unity for purpose.

This week Pastor Zach continues the series by covering Philippians 4:10-13, and addressing the subject of contentment.  He discusses how true contentment comes from trusting in the Lord, and is independent from the circumstances in our lives.

Today at Grace we are celebrating what God has been doing at Grace. We are rejoicing in what God is doing at our church. We are also finishing up in our series from the book of Philippians.