This week Pastor Kevin kicks off the new series Making Sense of God by covering Ecclesiastes 1 and demonstrating why we can recognize that there is a God. He further encourages us to live knowing that objective meaning in life comes from our Creator.

This week Pastor Kevin continues our series Making Sense of God from the book of Romans and demonstrating the existence of God and issues with morality.

How can we know that the Bible is the word of God? If we are trying to make sense of God, we have to trust the source of the Bible in our lives. Take a listen to Pastor Zach as he provides some great teaching about how we can trust that what the bible says, is true.

Pastor Zach answers the question if God is all good, why do bad things happen to good people? Take a listen to Making sense of God part 4.

Today, Pastor Kevin finishes our series, Making Sense of God. Pastor Kevin discusses where the universe came from and how scientists attempt a complex explanation of how things were created. The simple answer is that all things were created by God.