Today Pastor Tim begins our new series, “Hard Sayings of Jesus”. He will be talking about the things Jesus said that are sometimes hard to understand and maybe even harder to put into practice.

Today Pastor Kevin speaks from the book of Luke. He explains the apparent conflict between peace and division among people. He challenges us as Christians with these three questions. 1.) Have you owned Jesus over your family? 2.) Are you disobeying God is some areas of your life right now? And 3.) Do you have conditions for following Jesus?

This week Pastor Kevin continues in the series Hard Sayings of Jesus by speaking out of Matthew 7 and describing how God is faithful to answer the prayers of His children in a way that is best. We are invited to pray and joyfully trust the Father who has always loved us.

Today Pastor Kevin concludes our series “Hard Sayings of Jesus”. He speaks from Matthew chapter 12 about forgiveness and the only unforgivable sin. All sins are forgivable except blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.