This week Pastor Kevin talks about the crazy encounters Jesus has with people in the Bible. He talks about the Genius ways Jesus handles every conversation he has.

Today we look at a story of a man that asks maybe the most important question ever, “How does a person go to Heaven?” Take a listen to this Genius encounter with Jesus.

As we continue in the series “Genius”, Pastor Kevin discusses how God can use our disappointments in life to draw us closer to Him no matter how great they are.

Today Pastor Kevin talks about how Jesus came to the earth as the Master of Ceremony and the Master of Celebration. We learn from John 2 that Jesus came to not only set things right at a party in Cana but to make a way for us to be right with God.

Pastor Jeff teaches from Mark 12 about the widow who came with two small copper coins. Jeff poses the question, are you trusting in God or in your ability to provide for yourself? Take a listen to part 5 of our series Genius.

Today Pastor Kevin continues our series, Genius. He teaches from John Chapter 21. Pastor Kevin teaches us how when we truly understand who Jesus is, we attach ourselves to a community of believers and we learn about Jesus. That’s what brings us to a different you.

This week Pastor Kevin continues in our series, Genius by covering Matthew 8 and discussing how faith is about asking for Jesus’ forgiveness even though we don’t deserve it.

Today we look at another Genius encounter with Jesus from John 3. Pastor Kevin challenges us with a question, “Have you been born again?” What doesn’t it mean to be born again? Take a listen to Genius part 8 for the answer.

Pastor Tim finishes our Genius series by teaching from Luke 17 and the story about some sick people who came in contact with Jesus. Take a listen to this encounter that happened.