Pastor Kevin starts our new series Bloodline by teaching from Genesis 1. There is a line that runs through history that defines God’s pursuit to reconcile us back to Him. We are exploring this Bloodline over the next few weeks. We hope you continue to join us at Grace for this series.

The Bible is not a collection of unrelated stories. Instead it’s a true story about how God created the world, how it was recked by sin, and what God did thru a Bloodline to bring us back to Himself. Take a listen to Bloodline part 2 as we continue this story.

In Bloodline part 3 Pastor Kevin teaches on the Passover from Exodus 12:21.  Passover is important because it was the gospel in primitive form.  Listen to how Jesus now fulfills the need for grace and justice.

This week Pastor Tim continues in the series by covering scripture in the book of Leviticus. He speaks about how reformation and restitution don’t save us, but when we are truly repentant and come to God in sincere confession, we will want to make things right with others to the best of our abilities.

This week Pastor Tim closes out the series by covering how Jesus’ righteousness has saved us from the wrath of our own sin. No matter how big or small the sin is, Jesus has us covered.