Jeremy Framstad

Technical Arts Director


Jeremy Framstad came to belief in Jesus at a young age but really started taking ownership of his faith when he started attending Grace Community Church in 2000. Later he was offered a part time job in 2003. Once Jeremy finished up his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at Bowling Green State University, he came on staff full time at Grace in 2005.

Since then Jeremy has been able to be a part of Grace as it has grown and changed. His passions include seeing people come to know Jesus and he gets to play a role in that thru Grace’s Sunday morning services. His production team is responsible for creating a place where people can come and experience God each week. He also has a desire to empower others to lead in the local church.

Let’s face it, one day Nerds are going to rule the world and Jeremy is a super Nerd. It’s gonna happen. Jeremy enjoys working on his hobby farm with his wife Jenny and two kids Cooper and Gretta. Jenny and Jeremy met and were married at Grace. His personal hero is Ryan Nearhood.